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Wedding Boutique Phuket
Wedding Boutique Phuket

Wedding Planner Assistant and Event Coordinator

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Choeng Thale
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May 28, 2024

Job description


  • Wedding Planner Assistant and Event Coordinator.
  • Start: 1st October 2024
  • 1 year contract renewal after 6 months.
  • FULL TIME / 6 days x week / flexible time 6-8 hrs / 1 day off x week
  • Christmas/New year Holiday.
  • Bonus: laptop / social security / food and extra tip on wedding days / annual bonus


  • Full time job, with great opportunity to learn the wedding planning job from an experienced foreign teacher. Friendly and creative environment. Negotiable salary based on skills. Extra bonus on events days and at the end of every year.


Working both in the office and on venue sites.

Wedding planner assistant (in office):

  • Organize event timeline with team and vendors
  • Organize wedding guests' transportation
  • Send emails/messages to coordinate vendors (checklists and duties)
  • Select and display decors according to the event design
  • Prepare a decor inventory checklist for every event
  • Manage and control inventory, organize decor logistics among incoming events (plan and move decors according to wedding dates)
  • Coordinate pack and unpack of decors and storage

Event coordinator (on wedding day):

  • Follow up on vendors' arrival timeline and equipment checklists
  • Assist the Bride on the wedding day
  • Help guests with transportation
  • WBP team coordinator (provide meals, organize transportation, check timeline)


Applicant qualifications:

  • Related graduation in hospitality, tourism or Art.
  • Good English, written and spoken.
  • PC use, email, Office Word and Excel.
  • Logistic and admin skills, flexibility, time management, teamwork, good energy, passion for events, multitasking.
  • Driving license + own car.
  • Previous experience in hospitality is a plus.
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