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Property Consultant

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Choeng Thale
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Property / Real Estate
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January 26, 2024

Job description

‍FazWaz is a leading Proptech company in the real estate industry, representing clients globally in various sectors including residential, off-plan, resort properties, luxury leasing, and vacation rentals. Our unique approach to the business combines technology and collaboration to provide the best experience for both agents and clients.

With a network of global resources including a support team, listing team, sales leaders, and cutting-edge technology divisions, FazWaz has closed over $5 billion in real estate transactions since 2016 and recently joined the Lifull Connect family who owns & operates the largest network of property portals globally (180 million monthly visitors!)


  • ‍Real estate experience isn't a must. 
  • Start as a Trainee with support and mentorship from Sr. property consultants and managers.
  • A supportive and dynamic environment for growth and success.
  • Access to unparalleled leads and listings that provide the opportunity to exercise knowledge gained from training and make money. It's learn to earn!
  • Meet all your clients through FazWaz or by referral — no prospecting required
  • Build relationships with buyers while sharing your expertise to help them navigate their home purchase
  • Use our custom-built online and mobile tools to access the latest market data and manage your transactions, client information, and more.
  • Successful Trainees have the opportunity to transition into a full-time rental / sales consultant role, leveraging a commission-based compensation structure.


  • ‍English is a must and any other language is a bonus
  • Ideally, 2 years in a target-driven experience but not essential
  • Natural salespeople don’t always have sales experience
  • A knowledge of Thailand and specific regions is required
  • Customer-advocate mindset and a commitment to delivering the best client experience possible
  • Likeable personality - people buy from people they like and trust
  • Enthusiasm for learning new innovative tech tools
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