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Lee Marine
Lee Marine

IT & Graphic Designer

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Pa Khlok
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IT / Technology / Telecoms
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January 24, 2024

Job description

We are looking for an experienced IT/Marketing manager with strong interpersonal communication skills capable of working alongside different departments within our yachts sales and charter organization. Applicants must be capable of listening to a range of different technical requirements, comprehending their issues, and implementing effective solutions. We are looking for someone with a passion for technology and who is also capable of assisting with general creative design to assist the sales and charter brokers. Salary, benefits and incentive available upon successful application.


1.) Maintenance and growth of the database, newsletter and associated digital marketing tasks. Digital Marketing is handled by a separate team, but you will be expected to work with this team and help the office keep up to date with the scope of work, tasks, and marketing efforts. This will involve communicating with outside suppliers, as well as manufacturers and stakeholders to form and adapt a digital marketing schedule. 

Handle websites and yacht listing sites to which Lee Marine subscribes. Knowledge in programming, graphic design, and WordPress / API’s an advantage. 

2.) Full Graphic Design Services – Design all business collateral, all advertising materials including brochures, flyer/leaflet, billboard, signs, sticker, sale kits and development of necessary branding upon request.

 3.) IT Consultancy -Recommend all technology/ service/ solutions upon request. Work with our IT partners to ensure a safe and efficient digital working environment and structure.

 4.) To develop, maintain and train employees where required on CRM, API, website analytics and website management.

 5.) Assist sales and charter brokers with vessel photography and video. A keen interest in social media and the production of videos is an advantage.

 6.) Provide specialized IT and administrative support for Northrop Asia Limited, Lee Marine Co., Ltd and JM Marine Limited.


IT & Graphic designer 

Experience is required

Maintenance and growth of database

IT consultancy 

Assist brokers with photography and VDO

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