NITAN Restaurant Phuket

NITAN Restaurant Phuket

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Si Sunthon
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About the company

Nitan  ปณิธาน  meaning "determination" in Thai, was established to offer an unparalleled fine dining experience in Phuket. At Nitan, patrons can revel in an extraordinary culinary adventure surrounded by a mesmerizing ambiance. We dedicate ourselves to using locally-sourced ingredients in crafting exceptional dishes, merging Thailand's traditional flavors with a contemporary twist.

We approach gastronomy and its components with the curiosity of a musician unraveling harmonies. Observing closely, you'll discern a hint of whimsy within our public persona. This mirrors our fundamental conviction that great food and music are indivisible. Comparable to a maestro leading an orchestra with mid-air gestures, our chef constructs artistic presentations on the dish. These symbolize the 'lines' pervasive throughout Nitan, from our logo to our distinctive overhead lighting. Our aim is to present meals that not only gratify the taste buds, but also provoke enjoyable emotions, akin to enchanting music that makes one sway.

At Nitan, we introduce a seasonal menu every 6 months, featuring ingredients primarily driven by the produce from our own farm in Surathani and local seafood suppliers. This assures that we convey the most exquisite flavors to your table, delivering a memorable dining encounter. If our philosophy resonates with you and you aim to join us, we genuinely hope that you fully relish your time at Nitan.

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