International Law office of Ake And Associates

International Law office of Ake And Associates

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About the company

Our barrister firm’s commitment is to give our clients the best solution to their legal problems, professional, prompt, and cost-effective services with empathy and integrity. Importantly, we serve with a service mindset and positive thinking to create appropriate legal solutions for the need of international clients.

Nevertheless, we regularly have brainstorming and practicing sessions to improve our legal services. All things be considered to ensure that we are at the top of the profession, and firm high standard of service to get the best solution to the client’s problems.

Our lawyers are always friendly, work closely, and help each other. Above all, in light of Thai attorneys and Western lawyer teams, all teamworks at our law firm better understands legal issues and creates the best adequate legal solutions for all international clients. We focus on real estate, business, private individual, and litigation law.

Additionally, we focus on the rights and duties and the legal matters of everyday life, such as technology, social movement, liberty, and democracy, ensuring we have up-to-date legal knowledge and comprehensive information for the best services.

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